New Fabrics and Patterns Arriving Daily

  1. Speckled Metallic Icebox
    Speckled Metallic Icebox
    $12.99 per yard
  2. Visible Mending Book
    Visible Mending Book
    $23.99 each
  3. Flower Fest Shoulder Tote
    Flower Fest Shoulder Tote
    $19.99 each
  4. Poppy Patch Winter
    Poppy Patch Winter
    $12.99 per yard
  5. Poppy Patch Autumn
    Poppy Patch Autumn
    $12.99 per yard
  6. Beetle Parade Moon
    Beetle Parade Moon
    $12.99 per yard
  7. Wild Woodblock Night
    Wild Woodblock Night
    $12.99 per yard
  8. Moonlit Guardian Sepia
    Moonlit Guardian Sepia
    $12.99 per yard
  9. Coyote Hill Hero Flannel
    Coyote Hill Hero Flannel
    $12.99 per yard
  10. Moonlit Guardian Flannel
    Moonlit Guardian Flannel
    $12.99 per yard
  11. Little Briar Rose Flannel
    Little Briar Rose Flannel
    $12.99 per yard
  12. Clusters Shadow Metallic
    Clusters Shadow Metallic
    $13.49 per yard
  13. Clusters Moss Metallic
    Clusters Moss Metallic
    $13.49 per yard
  14. Clusters Ruby Metallic
    Clusters Ruby Metallic
    $13.49 per yard
  15. Clusters Iced Mint Metallic
    Clusters Iced Mint Metallic
    $13.49 per yard
  16. Clusters Rouge Metallic
    Clusters Rouge Metallic
    $13.49 per yard
  17. Clusters Evergreen Metallic
    Clusters Evergreen Metallic
    $13.49 per yard

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